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7 Jan 2020 Ver 45

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1 am                


3:30 am                                                                                       The Starting Bloc


10 am                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sun. AM Mtg Airs-Varies

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Between 10 & Noon

11 am                Trend On

12 noon           

1 pm                  Julie Lavender            Julie Lavender                Julie Lavender               Julie Lavender          Julie Lavender                                                          IRL The Resignation

                           Matrixxx/Grooove    Matrixxx/Grooove         Matrixxx/Grooove        Matrixxx/Grooove    Matrixxx/Grooove                                                               Show

                                    Hour                         Hour                              Hour                                Hour                          Hour                                                                                                      

3 pm                  Stacy on the Right!    Stacy on the Right!       Stacy on the Right!        Stacy on the Right!   Stacy on the Right!

                                      3-5                               3-5                                   3-5                                  3-5                            3-5

3:30 pm



4:40 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

5pm                                                         McJustice*See below                                                                            Dark to Light w/

                                                                                                                                                                                 Frank & Beanz

5:30 pm

6 pm                The Daily Boogie          The Daily Boogie        The Daily Boogie                                                                                     Brandon Tatum Show              TAV Show

6:30 pm

7 pm                  Quite Frankly               Quite Frankly               Quite Frankly                  Quite Frankly            Quite Frankly                                                                   

                           Bearded Truth                                                                                                                                                                                                         


7:30 pm                                                   

8pm                                                                                              The TAC Attack             MAGA Justice-YVA                                            MAGA Promises Kept              Faith Chat-ChrisM


8:30 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                          

9pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Speakeasy             

                                                                                                                                               IRL News                    IRL Red-Pill Hour           IRL Red Pill Hour+                                         



10 pm                McFiles                        McFiles                           McFiles                          McFiles                        McFiles                       

                                                                                                                                                                                   Q Lounge Live

10:30 pm

11pm                                                                                                                                   My Favorite Things                                           Ladies of Liberty                        

                                                                                                        Abe's Bazaar

11:30 pm                                                                                                                                                                    Pirate Radio

12 midnight                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

12:30 am

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The Mark Davis Show Podcast  M-F  7-10am

660AM The Answer Dallas/Ft. Worth

Podcast  The Mark Davis Show

Twitter  @MarkDavis

The Brandon Tatum Show Podcast (Sat. Only)

Podcast   The Brandon Tatum Show

Twitter @TheOfficerTatum

Youtube btcruiser34

The Common Discourse (Random Times/Days, Whenever they have a chance)

Twitter @TCDTweet

Podcast https://tcdpodcast.podbean.com/ BoogieBumper


Adam Jay

Abe's Bazaar

Twitter @DisabledAbe

Periscope @DisabledAbe 

Pirate Radio

Twitter @PirateRadio

Periscope @PirateRadioFridays YouTube  James R

DLive   RealPersonPltcs


Twitter @themcfiles44                  

Periscope @themcfiles44                  YouTube  The McFiles Network  

James R

Twitter 1 @RealPersonPltcs

Periscope 1 @RealPersonPltcs

Twitter 2 @JamesRealPerson

Periscope 2 @JamesRealPerson

YouTube James R

DLive  RealPersonPltcs

Website    TAVShow.com

Ladies of Liberty

James R                                                           

Twitter 1 @RealPersonPltcs

Periscope 1 @RealPersonPltcs

Twitter 2 @JamesRealPerson                               

Periscope 2 @JamesRealPerson         

YouTube   James R

DLive   RealPersonPltcs

Director Mike

Twitter @SWSOG

Dep. Dir. Mel

Twitter @MBNI_


Twitter @Periscope @GaPeachMeg_


Twitter @JWink4Periscope @JWink4


Twitter @BlondeMamaUSA        

Periscope @BlondeLadyofLiberty


Quite Frankly


Twitter @politicalorgy                 

Periscope @politicalorgy

The Speakeasy Show

Phil DeAngelo

Twitter @WinningTV_Periscope  @WinningTVYouTube  Winning_TV

DLive  Winning_TV

Twitch  Winning_TV

Discord  WinningTV

Email    Winning_TV@orotonmail.com

Denise Martin

Twitter  @DrMartin111Periscope  @DrMartin111


Twitter  @WhycensoredPeriscope  @Whycensored_


Twitter  @SteffanSearsPeriscope  @SteffanSears


Twitter  @Scot_WestTexasPeriscope  @Scot_WestTexas


Twitter  @ScottertheRile

Periscope  @ScottertheRile

Mr. Murica The Bearded Truth

Jason Lyon                            

Twitter @MrBeardedTruth           

Periscope @MrBeardedTruth 

YouTube  Mr Murica The Bearded Truth

Show Periscope  @muddiedwaters

Show Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/MuddiedWatersMedia/  

Show Flote   @muddiedwatersmedia

Show Website  http://muddiedwatersoffreedom.com/

Show YouTube  MuddiedWatersMedia

MAGA Justice - YVA


Twitter @themcfiles44                                                                   

Periscope @themcfiles44YouTube The McFiles Network with Chris McDonaldWebsite   YourVoice America

The Daily Boogie     Best Place to Watch is YouTube.

M-TH Shows on YouTube & Thurs Show on YouTube & Periscope

Boogie Bumper (DW)          

Twitter @boogiebumper              

Periscope @boogiebumper     

YouTube BoogieBumper

DLive    BoogieBumper 

Vantage Point

Jake & Rich                                      

Twitter @                                           

Periscope @Vantage_Point      

YouTube  Vantage Point USA

TAV Show

James R                                

Twitter @TAVShow           

Periscope @TAVShow     

YouTube Trust And Verify   

DLive   RealPersonPltcs

Website TAVShow.com

DLive TAV Show  TAVShow

Boogie Bumper (DW)         

Twitter @boogiebumper                 

Periscope @boogiebumper

YouTube BoogieBumperDLive   BoogieBumper

The Starting Bloc

BoogieBumper (DW)  & Greeno          

Twitter @thestartingbloc               

Periscope @thestartingbloc

Stacy on the Right!

Stacy Washington                

Twitter @StacyOnTheRight              

Periscope @StacyOnTheRight

Dark to Light with Frank n Beanz Podcast    

Listen Here   Dark to Lighw/FrankNBeanzTracy Beanz                          

Twitter @TracyBeanz                       

Periscope @TracyBeanz                                              

YouTube  Tracy BeanzWebsite  TracyBeanz.com        


Twitter @politicalorgy                    

Periscope   @politicalorgy

Q Lounge Live 


Twitter  @intheMatrixxx                   

Periscope @intheMatrixxx   

YouTube  inthe Matrixxx         

Website  intheMatrixxx.com    


Twitter @Shadygrooove                   

Periscope @shadygrooove  

YouTube  Truth for Freedom 

In Real Life News,  RL Red Pill Hour+ ,  IRL The Resignation Show  

Twitter @irlmedia                               

Periscope @irlmedia            

YouTube  In Real Life News 

YouTube  In Real Life StudioProductions (Documentaries)

Sunday AM Meeting Time


Twitter @themcfiles44                           

Periscope @themcfiles44

YouTube  The McFiles Network with Chris McDonald

Dan Bongino Show            

Dan Bongino                       

Twitter @dbongino         

YouTube  Dan Bongino        

Website   The Dan Bongino Show

McJustice **Time is subject to change


Twitter @themcfiles44                           

Periscope @themcfiles44



Twitter @themcfiles44                           

Periscope @themcfiles44        

YouTube   The Mc Files

The Daily Boogie Podcast

BoogieBumper (DW)                                                              

Twitter @BoogieBumper

Periscope @BoogieBumper

YouTube BoogieBumper      

Website for Podcast  The Daily Boogie

The Real Person Podcast

James R

Twitter 1 @RealPersonPltcs

Periscope 1 @RealPersonPltcs

Twitter 2 @JamesRealPerson

Periscope 2 @JamesRealPerson

YouTube James R                                                                                                 Website for Podcast   The Real Person

Patriot Soapbox Show Schedule

MAGA Promises Kept

Denise Martin                      

Twittter @DrMartin111                      

Periscope @DrMartin111             

Phil DeAngelo                      

Show Twitter @WinningTV_                                  

Show Periscope @WinningTV

Show YouTube Winning_TVDLive Winning_TV

Show Twitch Winning_TV 

Discord WinningTV 

Email  Winning_TV@orotonmail.com

Personal Twitter:   @MemeFakeNews  

Trend On

Tamara Leigh                      

Twitter @TamaraLeigh_llc                   

Periscope @TamaraLeighsTrendOn                     

Julie Lavender                   

Twitter   @Julie_Lavender                   

Periscope  @JulieLavender                                 

Website   JuieLavender.com


Matrixxx/Grooove HourInTheMatrixxx

Twitter     @inthematrixxx

Periscope   @intheMatrixxx

YouTube     inthe Matrixxx

Website     inthematrixxx.com


Twitter      @ShadyGrooove

Periscope    @ShadyGrooove

YouTube      Truth for Freedom

American_News  24/7 OAN Streaming

Vaughn.Live    American_News

My Favorite Things


Twitter     @Whycensored

Periscope   @whycensored_

The TAC Attack

Periscope   @TacticalElleTwitter        @TacticalElle

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         EnablerAbe                                                  @EnableAbe                                                  @EnableAbe

     Kimmy                                                          @whycensored_                                             @Whycensored
         LovelyPrevin (Alicia)                                 @lovelyprevin                                                 @lovelyprevin
         Jake (TotalNewsNetwork)                    @Total_News_Network                                  @ChooseTotalNews

                                                                               @JakeTNN                                                         @Jake_TNN         Candace Owens                                         @RealCandaceO                                              @RealCandaceO
         Praying Medic (Dave)                              @prayingmedic                                                @prayingmedic
         The Norm                                                   @truckinwithnorm                                          @truckinwithNorm
         The White House                                    @WhiteHouse                                                   @WhiteHouse
         Free Thinker                                             @freethinker556                                              @freethinker556
         Erin Cruz                                                     @erincruz                                                         @theErinCruz
         Masquerade Singer                                  @masqueradesinger                                       @masqueradesinge
         Candace D                                                  @sitswithchickens                                            @NavyWife555
         Gretchen Smith                                        @codeofvets                                                     @codeofvets
         Rogue Republican                                      @RogueRepub1981                                         @RogueRepub1981
         David Harris Jr                                        @davidjharrisjr                                                 @DavidJHarrisJr
         Based Amy                                                 @basedamy                                                       @realbasedAmy
         Antonio Sabato                                         @antoniosabatojr                                             @AntonioSabatoJr
         Scott Presler                                             @ScottPresler                                                   @ScottPresler
         Educating Liberals (Dillon Wheeler)    @                                                                        @Education4Libs
         Charlie Kirk                                                @charliekirk11                                                 @CharlieKirk11
         Pepper                                                          @Pepperpotts_ATL                                          @PepperPotts_ATL
         Karen                                                            @DenverNight                                                  @Lechanivire

         Joey Mannarino                                         @JoeyMannarino                           CJ Pearson                                                  @theCJPearson                                                  @theCjPearson               NavyVet1                                                    @LifeVlogger05         Chad Hasty                                                 @ChadHastyRadio                                           @ChadHastyRadio                          Diamond & Silk                                         @DiamondandSilk                                             @DiamondandSilk         Sara Carter                                                @SaraCarterDC                                                 @SaraCarterDC      

        April LaJune                                                @AmericaMatterTV                                           @AprilLaJune        Mahgdalen Rose                                          @MahgdalenRose                                             @MahgdalenRose       



Turn off the main stream broadcast, and tune into REAL news! The shows recommended here provide news that you likely won’t see or hear anywhere else. A wide variety of styles and topics can be found, and all will increase your understanding, broaden your perspective and help you to stay positive! Faith, politics, humor, hard truth, strong language & more… something for everyone. Check them out! REAL Talk by REAL Everyday People!



  The EVENT Column is LINKED!!

    If You Know of Other Events That Need to be Added, Please Contact Me!

   DATE & TIME                                   EVENT                                                                  LOCATION

   2020 EVENTS

   Jan 3 2020 5PM EST

   Evangelicals for Trump

   Miami, FL

   Jan 3 2020  6:30PM CST

   Trump Victory / Fayette Caucus Training 

   Fayette, IA

   Jan 6 2020  7PM CST

   Trump Victory / New Hampton Caucus Training

   New Hampton, IA

   Jan 7 2020  9:30AM CST

   Trump Victory / Conservatives & Coffee

   Ames, IA

   Jan 9 2020  6:30PM CST

   Trump Victory / Webster City Training

   Webster City, IA

   Jan 9 2020 7PM EST

   Trump Re-Election Rally

   Toledo, OH

   Jan 11 2020  9AM CST

   Trump Victory / Pocahontas Caucus Training

   Pocahontas, IA

   Jan 13 2020  7PM CST

   Wayne County Caucus Training

   Corydon, IA

   Jan 14 2020  7PM CST

   Trump Rally

   Milwaukee, WI

   Jan 14 2020  7PM CST

   Trump Victory / Van Horne Caucus Training

   Van Horne, IA

   Jan 14 2020  7PM CST

   Trump Victory / Fort Dodge Training

   Fort Dodge, IA

   Jan 20 2020  7PM CST

   Trump Victory / Waukon Caucus Training

   Waukon, IA

   Jan 21 2020  9:30AM  CST

   Trump Victory / Conservatives & Coffee

   Ames, IA

   Jan 28 2020  9:30AM  CST

   Trump Victory / Conservatives & Coffee

   Ames, IA


   Feb 4 2020  9:30AM  CST

   Trump Victory / Conservatives & Coffee

   Ames, IA

   Feb 11 2020  9:30AM CST

   Trump Victory / Conservatives & Coffee

   Ames, IA

   Sep 29 2020

   1st POTUS Debate

   Oct 7 2020

   VP Debate

   Oct 15 2020

   2nd POTUS Debate

   Oct 22 2020

   3rd POTUS Debate