Special Message to patriots/survivalists/preppers


Hard truth: Being a patriot will not saveyou. It will not get you into Heaven. ONLY Jesus can save you!! Fighting for the Republic we love without Christ as your personal LORD & Savior will be for naught. The NWO, as much as we absolutely abhor it & want to fight it, will come no matter what. It has already been written in the Word and cannot be changed. Accept Christ as your Lord & Savior and be a warrior for Him. I know I will be shunned even more for saying this. I am not saying to just give up & let it happen. But fight with Christ on your side and for Him. We will not win this fight right now, but Jesus will in the end. Be saved now and live forever in His Kingdom where TRUE peace will be forever. No more war. No more tears. No more heartache. No more weapons, sickness, evil. Jesus tells us ONLY through HIM will we see Heaven. It is by the Grace of God through faith in Christ are we saved. Our good works without Christ mean nothing, they are like filthy rags, so none of us can boast. Fighting for the right cause without Him will not do a thing for you! I would get kicked out of the blogtv shows for saying this there!I LOVE YOU and and WANT YOU for my BROTHERS & SISTERS Forever! CHRIST WANTS YOU for HIS OWN!!!!! My heart is heavy and my eyes are drowning in tears for I know some of you will reject Him over and over until it is too late. I am amazed I can see enough to even type this through the tears.

SAVED PATRIOTS: We MUST be Warriors not just for our country, but for

these who are not in Christ!! PRAY for them as we have never prayed

before!!! Oh GOD! Wipe the mud from their eyes and open their ears,

soften their hearts!! Let none be lost forever as You want NONE to

perish! Let them think me crazy I dont care! I want them for Your

Kingdom! SAVED PATRIOTS PRAY WITH ME FOR THEM!! We are running out of time!! In Jesus' precious mighty Holy Name, Name above ALL names, I pray. AMEN!!!!

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