Due to all the Awesome & Overwhelming amount of news on President Trump it is too much for me to get on here lol  #TrumpisMyPresident #Trump2020 <3 God Bless America!

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Video: Confiscating Your Assets - Legally (this happened/s)

Video: The Heartbreaking Moment He Lost His Job (outsourcing

our jobs to foreigners)

Another State Allows CC Without a Permit (W. VA)

Obama Administration Moves to Formalize Annihilation of the 4th Amendment

Cops Agree - Ok to Bring AR-15 to Obama Protest

5 Things You Should Know About the FCC's Proposed Privacy Rules

Boss Insists on CC and Gets Weapons for His Staff

Feds to Border Patrol Agents:  Don't Like Obama Amnesty? Then find a new job ...

Rules for Older Shooters: Understand that Things Change During Your Golden Years

Obama Picks Side in "Hail Satan" Fight

Obama Spied on Bibi's Calls with European Leaders

Woman Jailed for Refusing Federal Order to Commit Perjury


Takedown Senders Must Consider Fair Use, 9th Circuit Rules

U.S. Supreme Court Says No License Necessary to Drive Automoibile

Judge Gives Atheist Groups Oversight Over Christians

Breaking - British Pilots Given Green Light to Shoot Down Russian Jets

Here's Why John Kerry Thinks Donald Trump Isn't Qualified to Lead

Court Ruling Paves Way for Mass Confiscation of Firearms

Texas Prepares for Dollar Collapse

City Slapped, Fined $290,000 for Discriminating Against Church

Stunner! This Court Doesn't Allow 1st Amendment

Refugee Pushback Growing in Multiple Cities

            Cities United for Immigration Action

3 Ominous Words of Jesus Emerge at Ground Zero

Facebook Caught Secretly Lobbying for Privacy Destroying "Cyber Security" Bill

Windows 10 to Automatically Download to Your PC

VETERANS This is for You: Free Lunch at Texas Roadhouse Nov. 11

Historic Victory in Houston as Proposition 1 Bathroom Ordinance is Defeated

Results of Texas Consitution Amendments (Looks like they stopped updating  when it is apparent all 7 received over 1M votes Yea)

Obama Demands School Let Boy Shower with Girls (Illinois)

Obama to Convicted Felons: You're Hired! Felons to Feds: Obama

Orders Government to Hire Ex-Cons

Hackers are Dying to Turn Your Connected Devices Against You

Watch Clinton Supporters Cheer for Sharia Law

Wild game Recipes to Die For: Venison Stroganoff

Cajun Restraunt Robbed, Owner Offers Discount to CCers

Stunner: What's REALLY Behind "Gay" -"Marriage" Fight

"Complete anarchy" as Obama Invades Girls Showers (Illinois)

The UN Plans to Implement Universal Biometric ID by 2030

6 Spooky Ways Local Law Enforcement is Watching You

TPP Trade Agreement - Full Text

No Gun Found in Car Carrying 6-Year Old Shot and Killed by Louisiana Police

Two Police Officers Arrested In Fatal Shooting Of 6-Year-Old Boy

Newsmax TV Presents the Definitive Story of 9/11's Greatest Hoaxer

Feminization of America Is Bad for the World

Texas Governor Abbott issues warning over immigrant detentions

Newest TV fail: Playing with demons  Hollywood’s going to hell … literally

Obamatrade condemned by both left, right

Pentagon spends millions paying pro sports teams to honor soldiers at games

Partner Promotions – United Service Organizations (USO)

Eighth Graders Asked to Write About Booze, Herpes and One-night


Clinton/Bloomberg "Background Checks" Would Outlaw Shooting with Friends on Private Property

MaKaElectric says US Prepares War Against Russia in Syrian Battlefield as Chinese Ships Visit Florida

New Muslim Majority City Council Member in Michigan Issues Warning

Sherriff OK'd to Void Unconstitutional Gun Laws

ALERT VETERANS US Senate Passes Bill Aprroving Mandatory Vaccinations For Veterans IMPORTANT!

You have already served your time and you are NOT lab rats for them to experiment on!

Pope Francis Calls Paris Massacre Part of "Third World War"

Synder Suspends Efforts to Settle Syrian Refugees

Gov. Bentley Refuses Sryian Refugees Relocating to Alabama

40 School Districts in Ohio Adopt Brash Gun Policy That's Got Liberals Fuming

Palpable Fear: "Mother of all Hacks" Exploding Exponentially

Meaning of 'one person, one vote' at Stake at Supreme Court

The Federal Government is Maintaining an Illegal Registry of Gun Owners

Sheriffs Send Message to America: Get Armed Now

This New TV Network Will Drive Liberals Absolutely Insane

     24-hour all-gun home shopping network launching in January

Ohio: Planned Parenthood Caught Breaking State Law to Send Aborted Babies to Landfill

Texas: Ilegal Aliens Busted in Cloned Border Patrol Vehicle

U.S. Military Building Continent-wide Anti-ISIS Network

Judge Calls for US Marshalls and FBI to Arrest Congress and the President

Top 10 Health Foods You Should Never Eat

Majority of Americans Oppose 'Assault Weapons' Ban for First Time in 20 Years of NYT Polling

Blockbuster Allegation: DHS, State Halted Investigation Into Islamist Group Linked to San Bernadino Shooting

Pinellas County, FL Sheriff Bob Gualteri Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carriers

Pro-Illegal Immigration Congressman Threatens "Militancy" on Americans